Who Is Abbey Benvegnu? | Manifestation Coach | Awakened Accountant

Abbey Rose

Financial Coach

Building business with the practical and spiritual

Crafting soul aligned businesses and helping you financially flourish is Abbey’s untapped skillset. When it comes to creating profound shifts within the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of finances and running a business, Abbey shares logical processes to follow while also providing a holistic and heart centered approach to all practices.
Abbey has crafted her expertise for over 15 years, ranging from working in Accounting firms from 2007, to starting her own practice in 2009 and hitting her first 6-figure year in 2014 while also working as CFO for a multi-millionaire from 2017. On top of her business and financial experience, Abbey has also undergone immense spiritual evolutions after her awakening in 2018 where she was chosen to serve humanity as a psychic and energy healer.
Magically she has combined the two, previously foreign worlds of accounting and spirituality and created a process to upgrade the frequency of your wealth.
Everything that Abbey has learned over her career is now completely on the table for her clients to experience for themselves, which is why they consistently experience exceptional results after working with her.
Abbey is a powerhouse who specialises in creating freedom through her multidimensional business knowledge and her untapped connection to source.
She is an integrated and structured business woman whose passion is to see you succeed.
When it comes to creating a deeper connection within your business, removing blocks, understanding financials and scaling beyond your wildest dreams, Abbey has all your bases covered.

Working with Abbey

Create, Manage and Protect Your Wealth.

Finance is the most avoided topic in business.
Without accurate numbers and peace of mind you cannot grow your business.
With an background in accounting and finance, studies in all things esoteric and a compassionate mother of two, Abbey is here to change the way you FEEL about money.
Empower you around your numbers and help you scale your business to 6 figures and beyond.

Shamanic Business

Managing your money is more than a quick budget to follow. With Abbey, you will learn and embody how to manage your wealth at the level of the mind, the body and the spirit. Taking you from fear and avoidance to empowerment and success. 

Cosmic Currency

The Laws of Cosmic Currency is something we’re not taught enough about. 
Money won’t appear in your account miraculously. 100k months don’t happen just by wishing and hoping and praying. It’s all about how much energy you give out and how much value you provide for the people in your community.
It’s about how you behave as a human, not just towards your customers, but also towards your staff and team members. 
Cosmic Currency works strongly with a heart-centered approach. Think about being really community driven and compassionate (without being a pushover), and making business decisions that are the best for both yourself and your customers, and honouring those decisions!

What her clients have to say..

She doesn’t look at just the systems and financial and all that stuff. She goes into the energetic and emotional stuff which is just as important if not more important.

Adam Cox

It’s so subtle and simple, and profoundly life changing. I just went through this process. Its just shifted. Its just changed. It’s just beautiful.

Jessica Leigh Ward

She’s heart centered and deeply passionate. Since working with Abbey I have had some huge shifts within myself around old beliefs and patterns around money.

Taryn Young