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Practical & Spiritual

Abbey Rose is The Spiritual Accountant, Holistic Healer and the CEO of Awakened Accountants; the most significant conscious accounting movement across the globe.

Abbey assists impact driven leaders to create, manage and protect their wealth using practical and spiritual concepts. She also mentors them to better understand financial sovereignty and how to thrive within.

Activated Abundance Auric Spray

This ABUNDACNE MIST is hand blended with cleansing and activating Pure Essential and Egyptian Oils, and Crystals to help clear you aura of debris and realign you to your highest self.


Business Coaching

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Financial Wellbeing

Upgrade the frequency of your wealth at the level of the Mind, Body & Spirit to open you to receive more

Accounting & Finance

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About Me

Hello, I'm Abbey

Abbey supports visionaries in creating financial freedom by increasing their wealth frequency. She guides people to claiming their power by taking responsibility for their financial wellbeing and deepening their self-love and self-acceptance. Abbey truly acknowledges the infinite potential of every soul and helps translate this through business.

Everything that Abbey has learned over her career is now completely on the table for her clients to experience for themselves, which is why they consistently experience exceptional results after working with her.

Abbey is a powerhouse who specialises in creating freedom through her multidimensional business knowledge and her untapped connection to source.
She is an integrated and structured business woman whose passion is to see you succeed.

When it comes to creating a deeper connection within your business, removing blocks, understanding financials and scaling beyond your wildest dreams, Abbey has all your bases covered