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Upgrade the frequency of your wealth.

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Finance is the most avoided topic in business.

People often leave it until they have lost too much money on a bad investment, or made too much without planning for their obligations. And then what happens is they wind up in trouble and need someone like Abbey to fix it. 

Without accurate numbers and peace of mind you cannot scale your business. 

As an accountant, energy healer, psychic intuitive and compassionate mother of two, Abbey is here to change the way you FEEL about money. 

Empower you around your numbers and help you scale your business to 6 figures and beyond. 

Do what you and the money will follow


Check out the latest programs, webinars and short courses to help you with the structures, foundations and system within your business.


Read the latest articles and musings from Abbey. From personal development to business principles and how the two go together.

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Offerings and Services

Money Healing

Overcoming your money stories goes deeper than positive affirmations and trying to trick yourself abundant.

The Wealth Recalibration is Abbey’s signature transformation process of truly overcoming the shadow aspect of your money.  Dive deep with her to translate your shadow and anchor new ways of being. Get the abundant codes and step into a life of prosperity and wealth. 

Business Strategy

Abbey provides Coaching Programs for the Conscious Entrepreneur.

These programs are tight containers that are for the well being and growth of you and your business. Learning how to listen to you intuition and implement strategies that build wealth. Helping you raise the frequency of wealth in your business. Imagine what the world would be like with more conscious contribution. 

What people are saying...

“The 3 day program was filled with so much value so I can only imagine how epic the wealth recalibration will be…

“The three days turned my energy upside down, and launched me into a deeper discovery of myself and what I want my business to be…

I just had this intuitive knowing I had to work with her. She’s heart centered and deeply passionate. 

Since working with Abbey I have had some huge shifts within myself around old beliefs and patterns around money. 


Love Leader

Oh my god, this woman!It’s so subtle and simple, and profoundly life changing. I just went through this process. Its just shifted. Its just changed. It’s just beautiful. 



She doesn’t look at just the systems and financial and all that stuff. She goes into the energetic and emotional stuff which is just as important if not more important.