Learning how to make money in business is fundamental to its success. But making spiritually aligned money can help you build a business you love and one you are continuously energised to grow.

Unfortunately, too often, people do not relate money to spiritual principles. And because of this, they miss the benefits and balance they can have. And you know what else they do.? They stop money from flowing into their lives without even knowing it.

I am here to ensure that it does not happen to you. Let’s look at the seven smart ways to bring spiritually aligned money into your business.

7 Smart Ways to Bring Spiritually Aligned Money into your business

Money is simply energy

Firstly, I have learnt to see money as energy. And I encourage you to do the same. I see it as a flow of beautiful, masculine and feminine energy that is balanced and harmonious. Some money will flow into your life, and some money will, in turn, flow out of your life. Most people who don’t see money as energy do not experience balance and harmony. Instead, they feel that money is hard to attain and hold on to. They often get stressed and angry and flip out because they worry about money. They easily resent bills. But if you see money as harmonious energy, you can be thankful for it regardless of whether it flows in or out.


Gratitude has proved to be a powerful spiritual concept. A secret power that helps us become present and thankful for what we have in our lives. I know you can imagine being grateful for the money that flows into your business. But being thankful for money flowing out is not that easy. Unless you change the way you view it. So if energy flows out, it is flowing out for a reason. Let’s say the reason is that you have to pay your electricity bill. I recently received an email saying my electricity prices have increased. Instead of getting angry about it, I was like, ‘cool’.

But how could I do this? It’s simple. I’m grateful for the electricity that I get to use. It provides warmth and computer access that enables me to reach the world. I’ve heard many people complaining about increases in their bills, but gratitude serves me much better. So I take mindful, grateful time to focus on gratitude, and I welcome it.

Your attitude towards money is important

Your attitude towards money is way more important than you may think. Having a bad attitude towards money can stop the money flowing into your life. It is as if money is paying attention to how you respond to it. The money and the energy it brings will not be there if you do not respect it. Money likes to be treated with respect. If you combine respect with gratitude in your attitude towards money – you are well on your way to allowing the positive energy to flow into your life.

Don’t worry about money

Trust is a fundamental spiritual concept. To trust that God will provide for you allows you not to worry. If you worry, you stop the flow of money. Money and spirituality go hand in hand. When you are more open to spirituality and spiritual money, you will not stress where the money comes from. And when the money has that freedom, when you are in that whole, spiritual space, and you are in the flow, it tends to come in a lot easier.

Don’t limit your provision

Being open to receiving in different ways is really important. When money and spirituality are connected, you are open to receiving money in ways God wants to provide to you. And it’s not always necessarily how you expected it to come. Or from where you expected it. This helps you open your mind to the multiple channels of revenue streams and possible provisions. It is essential because that is where you start creating financial success.

Align with your life purpose

I feel the biggest block people have when making money is that they are not spiritually aligned to their life purpose. Aligning to your life purpose allows money to flow into your life. You align by tapping into what you are meant to do in life, not what you think you should be doing. If, for example, you have an intense desire to write. It may mean that your soul’s purpose for being here is writing books. And because of the messages and impact, you will create on others by writing, the provision will be there.  The provision and flow will be there when you stay in your soul’s purpose and stay true and connected to that.

Lack, scarcity and survival mode 

I have worked with many people, and find that most people do what they think they should be doing, rather than what they know their heart wants to do. And what they choose to do is often based on lack, scarcity and survival mode. But you can’t step out of survival mode until you step into your thriving purpose. There is a transition phase between the two places. The main reason is that people really worry about the financial insecurity of stepping out of those comfortable places and into discomfort. Without counting on the fact that they’re actually going to be sitting in a more loving space because they’re following their heart’s desires. It’s one thing to bring in money, but it’s an entirely different thing to bring in spiritually aligned money.

I experienced this first-hand. I know the exact moment when I transitioned. I was an accountant; I had my practise. But somehow, doing the bookkeeping and the taxes were a constant battle. It was as if I was always just trying to get ahead. I was making good money, but I was still living week to week. I was in a survival space because I wasn’t sitting in my soul’s purpose. I thought I was. But it wasn’t until I really stepped into that purpose of my soul and the liberation of prosperity, that abundance opened up. And I believe it’s because God is providing for that purpose.

During that transition, my focus changed. It was no longer about what I could make financially. It was all about God’s provision because I’m serving my soul’s highest purpose. Which, in turn, serves other souls and their highest purpose.

Tapping into your higher purpose is vital if you want to experience spiritual money flowing into your life and business. However, many people don’t know how to tap in and do not know what they are meant to do. If you spend 10 minutes with me, I can help you extract it. That is part of my higher purpose in life. We all have a sole purpose, and we can all translate that into what we do in our businesses without a doubt.

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