Abbey Rose

Guiding you towards your soul-led legacy, while exposing you to the secrets of the financial industry is my specialty. I have dedicated my life to helping as many people as possible take that leap in an professional, supportive and nurturing environment so you are able to reach unlimited potential both financially, spiritually, mentally and physically.

After a steady career as an accountant, a bit of pain and suffering and a very quick spiritual awakening, The Spiritual Accountant, my first 3D and 5D blended business was birthed in September 2019.

The response to the services I offered has been widely endorsed by clients, professionals, regulatory associations and business colleagues. There was a yearning for a more holistic approach to finances, a place where people could come and feel emotionally supported while they make big financial decisions for their life. 


As a result of such need in the market, Awakened Accountants was Founded in 2020, which is a body of conscious accountants providing compliance and business services for entrepreneurs with big visions and missions.

Now that I have stepped even more into my soul’s purpose, I am passionate about guiding people to transition more into their Sovereignty, by reclaiming their power and helping them pioneer new ways of doing business in this world.

I am on this journey to be a guide for you all, whether that be as a coach, a financial mentor, a leader into the private or a friend. My decades of experience and expertise are at your disposal. 

Life has been a wonderful journey and every step in the process has been invaluable. I began my career in accounting in 2006 as a receptionist for a small accounting firm in my home town of Bundaberg. Leading into working for a mid-tier firm in 2007 whilst I studied at university. Eventually cubicle life got the better of me and decided to go out on my own and started a bookkeeping business in 2008. Since then I grew my practice to  provide bookkeeping and accounting solutions for a range of clients in many different industries. Below I have outlined my credentials, partial and completed.  

  •  Diploma of Accounting from TAFE Queensland – fully completed 
  •  Bachelor of Business Accounting from Queensland University of Technology  – all bar 4 subjects completed
  •  Graduate Certificate of Public Accounting from University of New England via the IPA program – 3 of 4 subject completed

 All this study was part-time while I successfully ran and operated my own bookkeeping and accounting firms. 

Then due to the breakdown of my marriage and subsequent divorce, when I was 1=one subject off finishing the IPA program I was forced to make a tough decision and file for bankruptcy.  This is the very moment that my world exploded and I began to learn the truth of what these indoctrinations really are!

Since my awakening in 2018 I have accumulated a long list of holistic coaching courses and healing modalities:

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • Shamanic Healing Practitioner
  • Master Reiki
  • Munay-Ki
  • Inner Child Healing Diploma from the Centre of Excellence
  • Relationship Psychology Diploma from the Centre of Excellence
  • Shadow Work Practitioner

I am also in the final assessment stages of SAccess Method Facilitator Training.

With the combination al over 15 years experience in business finance accounting and coaching healing and mentoring I bring you programs courses and workshops they not only help you understand the practicality of finances, but the spiritual and emotional concepts of creating wealth in your life. 

Contact for more information about my current offerings. 

Our Core Values

Please see a list of my core values below.


"The activation I received was like nothing I have experienced before, pure energy and presence"

Unlike other business courses I have done, I felt right at home being a part of Abbey’s Magnetic Money group. This is because she approached her work from the heart and encouraged us to do the same. She understands the thoughts, concerns and desires of soul centred work and used her knowledge and intuition to pull out the best in us.
I was holding shame around money and now I nurture it. My husband and I have immediately changed some of our money practices directly due to this course and, it’s made our relationship stronger. – KATE

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