About Abbey Benvegnu | Manifestation Coach & Business Coach
Abbey Rose is a Psychic, Energy Healer and an Accountant. Magically she has combined the two, previously foreign worlds of accounting and spirituality and created a process to upgrade the frequency of your wealth.
Abbey is also the Founder of Awakened Accountants, the most significant Conscious Accounting Body in Australia.
Abbey fought her calling for a long time, believing that these two realms were always separate, and always found herself starting back at square one. It was when she allowed herself to combine her talents, accounting and healing, that she realised how connected these worlds really are and then her business truly began to take off. And once it did, not only was she watching herself grow, but also watching her clients and their businesses grow too.
Beyond their wildest dreams!
Abbey has studied Accounting and is currently working towards her MBA. She has experience in Mid Tier firms from 2006 to 2009, then went on to start her own Bookkeeping Business from 2009. In 2014 she partnered with another Accountant to launch an innovative Accounting & Bookkeeping firm. However, after adversity hit in 2018, she left the industry entirely and began her spiritual journey.
The Spiritual Accountant was birthed in September 2019, and the response has been widely endorsed by clients, accounting professionals, regulatory associations and business colleagues. As a result of such need in the market, Awakened Accountants was Founded in 2020. A body of conscious accountants providing compliance and business services for entrepreneurs with big visions and missions.
Imagine the change in our world where conscious businesses make lots of money.