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Abbey Rose

Mini Courses

business expansion

This is a free 5 Day Program to expand your skills, knowledge AND energy around your business. We will be delving into all thing business! From Mission Purpose and Business Setup, Business Models for Sustainability, Products, Pricing and Cosmic Currency, Branding your Soul Expression and Business Financial archetypes. 
This masterclass offers a tonne of free value in order for you to gain clarity in your business to take you to the next level of income potential.

Magnetic Money Replay Version

This is a 5 Day Journey to guide you on your way to making money in a way that supports the person that you are. We will be delving into all things money! From internal contracts and blueprints, Sales from the heart, Functional setup and Improving your relationship with money. This healing journey offers a tonne of value in order for you to gain confidence in your money management and to take your life/business to the next level.

Elevation - 3 Day Training for Startups

Let me help you develop a very specific set of skills based on the sustainable practices I have personally developed from my years as an Accountant, CFO, Business Coach & Strategic Consultant, Psychic and Energy Healer.

5 Days to High Vibe & Manifesting

This Course is about helping you to raise your vibration and keep it high! Letting all the low vibe beliefs, attitudes, behaviours go so that you can start to manifest and attract all the things that your heart desires.

Your training was amaze balls. I know it’s simple but Fu#k it’s funny how you just don’t think to do things like that…

Webinars & MasterClasses

Employee to Entrepreneur

In this masterclass I teach you the three key elements to making the transition from employment to business owner. If you truly listen to what I say and implement these tactics, you could quit your job within 3 months and have that financial freedom you have always wanted. 

UnFu#k your Finances

Are you feeling like your are finances are fu#ked? Join me this webinar to give you all the Business, Accounting and Finance solutions your need. I work specifically with Conscious Entrepreneurs, to guide you to sort out your finances and help you get more money back into your business


How to Manifest Powerfully with Astrology 
In this Free Masterclass, Abbey Rose and Tiarnie Vidler are here to drop massive truth bombs on the spiritual community about manifestation, prosperity  and abundance.

Tax Data Hacks

Webinar to guide you through a quick and easy hack I have used over the course of my accounting career to compile accurate figures for your accountant. 

MyGov Masterclass

The Awakened Accountant presents a masterclass on how to navigate through MyGov to prepare you income tax return.

creating your legacy

In this MasterClass Abbey covers the Four Zones of Potential within your business model and guides you through the process where you are literally setting yourself up for success.