• 5 Expense Cutting Techniques

    We live in a digital world where everything is at our fingertips.
    From dining out, to chatting with friends overseas, to online shopping, all with the click of a button.
    It’s no wonder people often find themselves strapped for cash when we can’t physically SEE the cash we’re spending,
    Gone are the days of pulling out your $50 note for dinner, it’s tap and go!
    So I’m going to share with you 5 expense cutting techniques to help you keep on top of your spending, and how you can find yourself with more dollars at the end of your month, rather then the other way around!

    1- Check your subscriptions, do you need them all?

    One of the worst ways we are losing money is by not cancelling our subscriptions!
    When’s the last time you went to the gym?
    Do you need Netflix, Stan AND Disney+?
    Did you sign up for a 30 day free trial and forget to unsubscribe?!
    Well now’s the time!
    Pull up your bank statements for the past 12 months and have a thorough look through your spending.
    I can guarantee you there’s some monthly, six monthly or yearly subscriptions that you don’t need to be paying for anymore!
    Pick up the phone, open your email, wake up your carrier pigeon if need be! But get unsubscribing!

    2 – Pay your utilities monthly

    It’s much easier to budget for a month then it is to budget for a year.
    Have a look at your utilities and insurances and see which ones can be switched to be paid monthly.
    A lot of the time utilities are charges on an estimate of what you’re going to use, so if you make an effort to pay a little extra each month, you’ll be set up to receive a nice little credit at the end of each year!
    Insurances can be a little trickier, sometimes the monthly price makes the yearly total more expensive in the long run. But, if you’re not capable of saving for your insurances each year, this will save you a lot of anxiety and heartache.
    In the grand scheme of things, knowing what’s coming out of your account monthly allows you to keep a closer eye on what’s due and when, and you won’t have any unexpected surprises when a bill you’ve forgotten about is direct debited!

    3 – Drink water when you dine out

    Alcohol is a huge expense. Even one glass of wine a day at $4.50 a glass (and let’s not lie, that’s cheap!) adds up to $31.50 a week.
    And for me, that’s a week’s worth of petrol!
    There’s no reason for you to stop going out for dinners or drinks, but just change this one thing.
    If you’re going out for dinner, swap your beverage for water.
    And if you’re going out for drinks, swap every second drink for water.
    This is going to save you an INSANE amount of money by the end of the year.
    Don’t believe me?
    I challenge you to put the money you’ve saved from not buying that drink into a saving’s account, but don’t look at it until the end of the year.
    The total amount will blow your mind!

    4- Change banks – no fees at ING

    If you’re still using a bank that charges you bank fees it’s time to change. Those monthly fees can be spent elsewhere. Or even better, put away for savings.
    Banks like ING and NAB don’t charge you monthly bank fees, and are still able to provide you with everything a bank that will charge you does.
    Bank fees can be a thing of the past.
    Now, I know that it can be a pain to change banks, but it’s only a job you need to do once, and you’re saving yourself $50 or more at the end of the year!
    $50 isn’t much, I hear you say?
    Well, how long have you been with your bank for?
    10 years? More?
    That’s $500!!
    It’s worth the change.

    5 – Unfollow and unsubscribe from everything that makes you want to spend money

    Do you follow certain people and pages because of the eye candy?
    The pictures make you feel good.
    The food makes you hungry.
    The outfits are a must have?!
    Unless it’s a weight goal, a special occassion or an income goal.
    Unfollow! Unsubscribe and change your news feed and email listings!!

    If you’re ‘Treat Yo’Self’ing’ more than you’re saving, then it’s time for a new perspective.
    This is going to be like a detox, but you can do it! The end result will make you much happier than the triple choc nutella cookie that’s making you drool right now.
    I can assure you, once you apply some or all of these techniques, you’re going to notice a significant, AMAZING change in your cashflow.
    You just need to decide to make the change.

    Abbey Rose xo


  • How to Manage Financial Stress

    Financial stress can come in many different shapes and sizes, so I’m  sharing with you 5 ways managing your behaviour can save you from unnecessary stress.⁠

    ⁠If you take the time to implement these tips into your everyday life, you’ll find that financial stress will become a thing of the past because you’ll have more control and knowledge about your finances and how they work.⁠

    #1 Develop self awareness

    What are your values, beliefs, emotional and physical needs? If you’re not taking care of yourself, then money isn’t going to come take care of you which will lead to stress. So become aware of what your ‘self’ needs.⁠

    #2 Emotional Regulation

    Meet your emotions because unmet emotional needs can get you distracted.⁠

    If you’re going through something (which we all do from time to time!) and you’re ignoring it, you’re just causing yourself bigger problems. The ‘head in sand’ mentality is going to bring on more unnecessary stress and will in turn, affect your financials, causing unwanted financial stress.⁠

    #3 Set Goals

    Set financial goals aligned to your value system.⁠

    If you have nothing to aim for, you’re not inviting the money you need into your life. Ask yourself – what do I need to earn to live comfortably in the life I’m leading? And then ask yourself, what do I need to earn to live comfortably in the life I desire? And work backwards to create a financial goal!⁠

    #4 Freedom Number

    Know your financial freedom number.⁠

    Like the goals mentioned above, figure out how much you need to live comfortably, and then figure out how much you would need saved up to be able to continue to live comfortably for six months if all streams of income stopped. Once you know this, you’re able to prepare for it, which will save you untold amounts of financial stress in the long run!⁠

    #5 Intentional Spending

    Have fun creating and spending money for satisfaction rather than pleasure.⁠

    Money is made to be enjoyed. But don’t spend for the sake of spending. If there’s something you want, and it’s going to create a positive impact in your life, (for example, if you really want to treat yourself to lunch) do it! But if you’re spending money just for the sake of spending money because it makes you ‘feel good’ for a short period of time, take a look at that behaviour because it’s blocking further abundance from coming your way.⁠

    I hope you enjoyed these quick tips that really help you manage financial stress and keep it to a minimum.

    Abbey Rose xo


  • 3 Tips To Stop Procrastination

    Procrastination is something that pretty much everyone struggles with. 

    With so much happening around us, and the fact that we have the world at our fingertips make it easy for us to get distracted, and then before we know it 3 hours have passed and we haven’t even started our tasks for the day!So I’m going to share with you my top 3 tips to stop procrastination, and really get on top of your goals!

    Tip 1

    Lists, Targets & Accountability

    One of the most satisfying things to do is strike something off a to-do list.

    At the beginning of every day (or the night beforehand if your mornings are hectic) write down a list of everything you need to do.

    I often write down both tasks I need to get done for the business AND my everyday tasks like Vacuuming and Paying the bills, just because it’s so damn satisfying to cross it off the list!

    Writing this list is also a great way for you to meet your targets, because they’re there staring you in the face. 
    Everything seems a lot more daunting when you can visualise it, so by having it written down, it makes your targets seems a lot easier to achieve.

    And finally, the list will keep you accountable for everything you need to get done. 

    Because if you haven’t completed it one day, it gets dragged over to your next day’s list until it gets done!

    Tip 2

    Time Management

    One of the most satisfying things to do is strike something off a to-do list.

    At the beginning of every day (or the night beforehand if your mornings are hectic) write down a list of everything you need to do.

    I often write down both tasks I need to get done for the business AND my everyday tasks like Vacuuming and Paying the bills, just because it’s so damn satisfying to cross it off the list!

    Writing this list is also a great way for you to meet your targets, because they’re there staring you in the face. 

    Everything seems a lot more daunting when you can visualise it, so by having it written down, it makes your targets seems a lot easier to achieve.

    And finally, the list will keep you accountable for everything you need to get done. 

    Because if you haven’t completed it one day, it gets dragged over to your next day’s list until it gets done!

    Tip 3

    Goal Orientated

    You’re smart, you have goals, and you’re ready to achieve them.

    Sometime’s starting is the hard part, and sometimes you’ve hit the ground sprinting and you’ve burnt yourself out.

    So set yourself a BIG goal that you want to achieve, and then break it down into smaller, achievable goals.

    When you do this, you aren’t losing sight of what you’ve set out to achieve, but you’re also giving yourself more reasons to celebrate.

    Like I mentioned above, when you can SEE what you’re doing, and what you’ve achieved, it keeps yourself motivated to keep going!

    Celebrating all goals and wins in your business is the best thing you can do for yourself, because you’re celebrating YOU!

    So these are my top 3 tips to stop procrastination!

    Tell me what you think, and let me know how you’re going to implement these into your own business!

    Abbey Rose x


  • 5 Steps to Clarity

    When it comes to running a successful business, we need to do one of the scariest things we, as humans, find doing. 

    Pull our heads out of the sand. 

    Clarity isn’t always something that we want to know, especially when it comes to business. Are we in debt?! Are we doing well?! Did we meet our targets? And the list goes on and on. So I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways for you to get clarity within your business, and I’m here to share that with you today! I’m asking you to take these 5 tips for Clarity, and really sit with yourself, find the cracks, find your soul’s purpose again, and REALLY get ready to shake things up in your business!

    Write Your Top 3 Goal

    Really sit down and think about this. Are you looking to hit a certain income goal? Are you looking to add to your team? Are you looking to expand your business internationally? What are the TOP 3 things you want to achieve within your business? They can be as wild or as mild as you would like.

    Assess your Current Position 

    Where do you stand within your business right now? What is going right for you, and what is going wrong for you? Do you need to be putting more effort somewhere else, or do you need to hire someone to help you stay on top of the workload? Are you reaching all your targets and now it’s time to uplevel your skillset? Take a long hard look at where you stand, and be brutally honest with yourself here. It’s essential to your growth.

    Break State

    What does this even mean?! When I say Break State, I mean that you need to break the state that you’re in by doing something else. Have you ever heard of that Einstein quote where he says; ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ In order to move yourself forward, sometimes the best thing you can do is nothing. Know when you are pushing too hard and take a break.

    The Secret of Reverse Engineering

    You know where you are and now you have an idea of where you want to be in the future. Now you reverse engineer the steps that you need to take in order to get there. What is the last step, the thing that will happen so that you know you have successfully completed that goal? Then, what’s the thing that needs to happen before that step. And before that one. Make it simple, easy to follow and no more than 6-10 steps. This is now your plan to achieve your desires.

    The Why Behind Your Why

    Why did you start your business? Was it to work for yourself? Was it to prove to yourself or others wrong? Was it to get out of an unstable relationship? Was it to remove the cap on your earnings? Have a real think about why you started this. Now scrunch that up and throw it in the bin, and tell me the real reason WHY you started this business. Was it to give yourself the freedom of looking after your family? Did you want to share your soul message with the world? Do you have a deep yearning for service to people? Look deep into your soul and ask yourself, ‘What is the deeper meaning behind my business?’.

    Abbey Rose xo


  • Your Relationship is a Mirror Image

    It’s very common these days for people to feel lost in their relationships, struggling with the ideas and concepts behind what constitutes a good relationship. The focus here… romantic connections.

    I’ve come across a number of people of late that aren’t happy in their romantic relationships and beg to ask the question.. why? The why behind the why.

    Have either you or someone you know been in the situation where you feel like you are in a funk with your relationship, your needs are not being met or there is a lack of communication. Why are we so scared to voice our opinions, our feelings or our shortcomings? Fear. The fear of the other person not accepting your feelings, the fear of potentially losing your loved one because of how you are feeling or what has happened? People often don’t tell the truth because of avoidance of this fear and I am living proof. If I had been more truthful in my relationship with my ex then I am positive that there could have been a resolution less painful than what I experienced. People don’t tell the truth because they don’t want to hurt someone, and that is a value to be proud of. However, failing to be truthful can have even worse repercussions.  Sometimes we need to be able to voice those feelings, feel the hurt and pain to be able to learn the lesson and move forward.

    It annoys me now that people avoid. Don’t shut your partner out, don’t suppress the emotions and resort to cheating or lying. Because the longer you suppress and avoid the closer you get to hurting your loved one on a much deeper level and in turn, hurt yourself. If you truly love yourself, you wouldn’t deny yourself of the potential for a unbreakable love.

    It takes all of us to do the work on this and for us to keep working at it – to keep striving and everyday trying to make your way through the journey… together.

    Everyone’s process is different but I believe that the underlying lessons are the same. So how do we get there? What works for you

    There is only one happiness in life… To love, and to be loved

    I sat down the other day and I decided to write a list out of all the qualities I want for a new potential love match and came up with some really good stuff. Beyond all the physical and material aspects of a relationship I think we all have similar desires for what we want out of a romantic connection

    Communication, trust and loyalty, unconditional love and sexual intimacy, a caring and genuine nature and not to forget a good sense of appreciation.

    I thought this was a pretty well thought out list, and maybe there are others but I’m focusing on the non physical and non material natures of the relationship. If we were to go down that route then obviously a good pun and someone who is active and motivational – those qualities aren’t for everyone so it goes to show that those aspects can differ among us.

    I sat and looked at my list and then asked myself the most important question…

    What am I willing to provide in my future love

    And the answers are the same.

    We spend so much time focusing on all the things our partner does or doesn’t do for us but we never look in the mirror and assess what we are giving into the relationship. Sure, you can say you look after the kids, you do the cooking or cleaning but again, non physical. What are you GIVING to your partner. Are you providing the same qualities that you demand? I know I didn’t, and I now know that given the opportunity in the future, I will mirror the exact image of what I desire, give all the qualities I expect and when I feel myself falling into old patterns, that’s ok too… Acknowledge it, talk about it and learn from it. We are always learning, never finished.

    Do you have a tough topic you know you need to talk about but the fear is unbearable… take a leap, start the conversation and give your partner the opportunity to respond, learn and grow with you… If you cant overcome the issue then is this the relationship you really want to stay in? Its not easy, and I don’t expect it to be but… if you want the crem dela crem…

    Your relationship will thank you for it.

    Abbey Rose xo


  • The Accountant and Numerology

    As an accountant for over a decade you would think that at some point in my life the concept of numerology would peak my interest. Like, its all numbers right?

    My first psychic reading was when I was in my teen years, so always having gravitated towards God and spirituality you would THINK I would stumble across numerology and actually look into it yeah? Nope… not once.. not until my real journey began and let me tell you the funniest thing…

    This is me…18.05.1987 = 9.5.7 = 3 = Life Path 3

    Sitting across the table from Emma (my special numerology friend) talking about my life path and different personality traits I was filled with lots of Ah Ha moments and a tonne of face palms.

    Accounting, more specifically, bookkeeping (which is what my business was for over a decade) is the complete opposite of what someone with my life path number would thrive in. No wonder it was a constant uphill struggle, tainted with endless signs from the universe to GTFO! Then finally, I have succumbed to the end but find so much gratitude in my accounting journey as the tools and experience I have gained from such career has provided me with the stability and efficiency to be able to move in the direction I now want to go. So, if you are into it or not.. do the math… what is your life path number? A do a little google. Are you in the career or job that best suits you? And even if the answer is no, don’t let this scare you, we all have the free will to be able to choose what line of work we want to be in so just because your life path number may say something different this does not for one second mean that you are doing it wrong. You are never doing it wrong.

    Now.. let me share something even more fucked funny.

    I met my ex husband on the 9th June, he proposed on the 9th June, we got married on the 9th June and I’m pretty well aiming for our divorce to finalise on the 9th June. Why not hey?

    09.06 = 15 = 6

    Now Emma kindly told me that this number is all about relationships and the lessons needing to be learnt. Funny yeah… but when I looked a little deeper I found more astonishing commonalities.

    Destiny number 6 – this is not the number you want to have. Without going into the gory and boring details of my failed marriage let me just assure you that there are absolutely things out there that completely resonate with this destiny number and let me tell you now, next time I meet a potential match, I am going to be crunching my numbers.

    The universe has a beautiful way of explaining the past, guiding the present and giving you complete trust and faith for the future.

    Abbey Rose xo


  • I AM

    I am enough

    I am strong

    I am beautiful

    I am fearless

    I am wise

    I am a lover

    I AM!

    I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become

    I will never forget when I first stumbled across this term, is it even a term? It is so powerful. It’s life changing, its the best two fucking words you could ever start a sentence with. Obviously the objective here is to keep it personal positive and uplifting. No Negative Nancy here.

    As someone who hasn’t always had the best way to be inspiring with words and quotes, and trying to remember affirmations for myself all the time it can get a little overwhelming. The one thing I have no issues in remembering is this… I am…

    Driving in the car about to start my day and meet a new client or network with a new potential friend for life I start with the basics. I am enough, I am beautiful, I am strong then somehow the motivation swells in my heart… the power and excitement builds and I cant help but start screaming at the top of my lungs, over and over. I am abundant, I am courageous, I am a mother, I am woman! OMG even typing this is getting me all hyped up. How did I flounder through life for 31 years without ever coming across this. Imagine the power this would have in the school yard, the meeting room, before that all important presentation. Gawd. So many times I would have nailed shit so much better with a little 5 minute I am preparation.

    It was about a week or two before I lost my job and had a meeting with the CEO. Lost… hmmm not really the right word. A solicitor told me there is a term for it. Constructive dismissal. Not the best of situations to encounter. Anywho, going into that meeting I knew exactly what was coming and I knew exactly how I was going to be manipulated – sheeeesh – if I had this back then… TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Ok, ok, a little over the top. My point is, people can be arseholes and that’s not a reflection of you at all, it’s them, people are only ever driven by two things. Fear, or Love. So in the bullying environment it is 100% fear. Then my fear was to the point that extreme medical intervention was required. Even with the meds my anxiety was through the roof. I wonder what a quick 10 minute I am routine would have resulted in, I wonder how I would have handled that situation if I was anywhere near the person I am today. Look, don’t get me wrong, hindsight is a glorious thing they say but lets face it. I wasn’t that person then, and thank fuck for that because I left quite literally the worst job on the face of this planet and no amount of money would ever take me back there.

    I’m so grateful that I NOW have this little beauty in my toolbox and I get to use it every single day. I inspire myself to be the best person I can ever hope to be, high five to that sisters.

    I am lucky

    I am loved

    I am successful

    I am a force to be reckoned with

    I am woman

    I AM!!!!!

    Abbey Rose xo