I Am!

By Abbey Rose

I am enough 

I am strong 

I am beautiful 

I am fearless 

I am wise 

I am a lover 



I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become

I will never forget when I first stumbled across this term, is it even a term? It is so powerful. It’s life changing, its the best two fucking words you could ever start a sentence with. Obviously the objective here is to keep it personal positive and uplifting. No Negative Nancy here. 

As someone who hasn’t always had the best way to be inspiring with words and quotes, and trying to remember affirmations for myself all the time it can get a little overwhelming. The one thing I have no issues in remembering is this… I am… 

Driving in the car about to start my day and meet a new client or network with a new potential friend for life I start with the basics. I am enough, I am beautiful, I am strong then somehow the motivation swells in my heart… the power and excitement builds and I cant help but start screaming at the top of my lungs, over and over. I am abundant, I am courageous, I am a mother, I am woman! OMG even typing this is getting me all hyped up. How did I flounder through life for 31 years without ever coming across this. Imagine the power this would have in the school yard, the meeting room, before that all important presentation. Gawd. So many times I would have nailed shit so much better with a little 5 minute I am preparation.

It was about a week or two before I lost my job and had a meeting with the CEO. Lost… hmmm not really the right word. A solicitor told me there is a term for it. Constructive dismissal. Not the best of situations to encounter. Anywho, going into that meeting I knew exactly what was coming and I knew exactly how I was going to be manipulated – sheeeesh – if I had this back then… TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION. Ok, ok, a little over the top. My point is, people can be arseholes and that’s not a reflection of you at all, it’s them, people are only ever driven by two things. Fear, or Love. So in the bullying environment it is 100% fear. Then my fear was to the point that extreme medical intervention was required. Even with the meds my anxiety was through the roof. I wonder what a quick 10 minute I am routine would have resulted in, I wonder how I would have handled that situation if I was anywhere near the person I am today. Look, don’t get me wrong, hindsight is a glorious thing they say but lets face it. I wasn’t that person then, and thank fuck for that because I left quite literally the worst job on the face of this planet and no amount of money would ever take me back there. 

I’m so grateful that I NOW have this little beauty in my toolbox and I get to use it every single day. I inspire myself to be the best person I can ever hope to be, high five to that sisters. 

I am lucky 

I am loved 

I am successful 

I am a force to be reckoned with

I am woman

I AM!!!!!

Abbey Rose xo