Abbey Rose

Priestess of Prosperity was created to help guide you into opening yourself up to the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional shifts you need to implement to allow abundance to drop into your life. The truth is, prosperity is your birthright, and if you have not yet received your manifestations, it is because there is something in your reality that is blocking you from receiving them. This deck is designed to help you understand what that block may be, in order for you to release it and alchemize it into something prosperous. Every card in this deck has been created to provide you with support, guidance, and a channeled message from Spirit, giving you the innate knowledge that you are not alone in this journey.

Priestess of Prosperity by Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose has always had a passion for helping others create prosperity in their lives. Throughout her career as an accountant, Abbey has helped others with their finances on a physical level. In 2018, when she surrendered to her spiritual awakening, Abbey realized her soul’s mission ran much deeper than this. Having now stepped into her purpose, Abbey knows there is no set method to creating prosperity in your life. This is why she now focuses on providing her community with support and strategies that best work for them as individuals while continuing to guide them toward their highest potential. Abbey’s passion for helping others has remained and this deck is her way of guiding you emotionally, spiritually, and cosmically as you step into your highest version of prosperity.

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