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What's Your Financial Archetype?

Take the financial archetype quiz to reveal your relationship with business and money. What is your behaviour telling you?

which one are you?

There are 8 Financial Archetypes

About the Financial Archetype Quiz

This quiz was created by Abbey Rose, Business and Financial Coach and Energy Healer. Abbey made this quiz because she saw something missing in the management of behaviour around your business and finances. Financial strategy and personal finance tips can be hard to implement because they are so rational and robotic, whereas your relationship with money is highly emotional. Our behaviour with our money is deeply rooted in us and often is formed from unconscious blueprints that no longer serve. 

The first real step to financial well being in understanding you relationship with money and how it is the driver for your behviours. That’s why Abbey has created this quixz. Becuase managing your money is holistic and your energy towards the free flow ofd money in and out of yoru life will determine the success of your business. 

There is never a one size fits all approach to business or money.