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Are You Ready to Build a Legacy based on your Soul Blueprint?

The Visionary Mastermind is a deep journey into your souls mission and purpose, together building the structure and expanding your capacity, so that you can grow to serve more. 

Does this sound like you?

You have reached a plateau in your business and you don’t know how to move past it.

You pendulum swing from making decent money one month, to nothing the next.

You are living week to week and feel like you don’t have the structure or the tools to break through your ceiling of potential.

You are feeling disconnected from your souls mission and don’t know where to go or what to do next.

You are wanting support and guidance to physically and energetically exit the current economic system.

I have been working in business and finance for my entire adult life, have grown multi-six figure businesses, received accounting degrees and have watched my own business expand from being completely overwhelmed in debt, to recurring $80K+ months. Everything that I am teaching you in this program has been learnt, landed and EMBODIED.
Abbey Rose

Imagine what it will be like when..

You have reached your next level of income and can use your money to impact more souls

You understand the language of your soul and can make business decisions that feel ALIGNED

You are deeply connected to your mission and feel lit up by your community.

You have clear steps on where to go next in your business, how to grow and what is needed from you at each up-level. 

You feel supported by a community of like-minded people. 

this is your sign

You’re reading this message because...

You are ready to take control and ownership of your success and your wealth.

This is it. This is YOUR LEGACY.

We channel your vision and purpose and I give you the strategy to make it happen.

The strategies, processes and skills that I transfer to you are designed to help you garner results once you implement them.

My intention for this Mastermind is to initiate you into the highest version of your greatest potential as you scale your business. 

I will guide you into integrating your light and dark aspects to bring balance and harmony in your business.

Giving you the freedom and flexibility to allow your creativity to flow and expand as your business grows.


The Visionary Mastermind

The Visionary Mastermind is a comprehensive, spiritually, mentally and physically up-levelling program for entrepreneurs who are looking to create, manage and protect their wealth. 

The Program Outline

What You'll Learn

The Visionary Mastermind is like no other program you’ve experienced before. You’ll be guided through a personally designed process that will turn your passion into profit and help you set up the solid foundations, in the beginning, to scale your business successfully.

Not every business is the same, so everyone’s results will vary, but be assured that you will, at a minimum receive:

Fortnightly Mastermind sessions to address your current business and financial pain points. 

Fortnightly Training videos based on the main topics covered in the Mastermind Session to promote quick growth. 

My experience with Abbey in the Mastermind container has been next level. Abbey holds a very sacred and nurturing space allowing me to be seen, my triumphs and fears witnessed, and journey shared. Being in this group has helped me immensely, not only to hold me accountable to my goals because everyone is cheering me on, also to reciprocate the support for others. Just knowing I have another level of support and a wealth of resources from Abbey and this group has enabled me to remain focused on who I am in my business and life. While also refining my mission, vision and values. Abbey teaches me that I have clarity, balance and support even at times when I might not think I do 💜
Zoe Martin


The Visionary Mastermind

The Visionary Mastermind is designed specifically to promote growth within yourself and your business. Alongside the strategies, Abbey nurtures you as you push through emotional thresholds and break ceilings of income potential. This Mastermind is not a cookie cutter one size fits all approach, Abbey works with you to create a business model that is coherent with your soul’s gifts.

Is this program for me?

This is PERFECT for you if:

This is NOT for you if:

Meet your mentor

Hello, I'm Abbey

Crafting soul-aligned businesses and helping you financially flourish is Abbey’s untapped skillset. 

When it comes to creating profound shifts within the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of finances and running a business, Abbey shares logical processes to follow while also providing a holistic and heart centred approach to all practices.


What Client's Say

As a mastermind, this container is next level. Abbey has created a safe space for us to connect and support each other on our business journey as whole people, including mind, body and spirit. Abbey sees through our excuses and blocks and guides us intuitively to answers within ourselves as well as giving practical business advice from an accountant's perspective. I appreciate so much that she understands the business world as it is, as well as what it can be.

Oneika Polke

My experience with Abbey in Business Ascension has been so incredibly powerful and took me to a level that I really had no idea I would get to. Abbey holds a beautifully sacred and nurturing space in this programme, making it safe to fully explore your desires. This space also allows you to be heard and seen in all ways, and to expand like you have never thought possible. I am so truly grateful for this experience. Abbey has helped me understand my true values and mission of my business, allowing me to create something that feels so good. This is still in the process of coming together, but the space that is created by Abbey in Business Ascension, allows you to feel supported by like minded souls and Abbey herself like I have never experienced before.

Carolyn Lowe

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