Wealth Recalibration

Are you ready to upgrade the frequency of your wealth.

If you are an Entrepreneur who is ready to heal your money at the level of the mind, body and spirit, then this is for you.

Throughout our time together I will be looking at your triggers, unconscious blueprints and behaviours and guiding you through a full 7 step transformational experience. 

Once you have completed my Financial Archetypes Quiz and we know what your dominant Archetypes are, we will be working through your chakras using my specially formulated modality, to shift your behaviour and create new and empowering financial habits.

Get ready to embrace your new level of wealth consciousness as this will open you up more than you could ever imagine.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to break through those financial barriers but you’re not sure how.  As a business owner, you know that you are not reaching your full potential. You are stuck on how to break through to the next level of income. You’ve tried everything, but you are still hitting that ceiling and can’t break that barrier that’s keeping you where you are.

You know how to navigate your own personal healing and growth, but need a push on how to implement that into your business. There is nothing you can’t do when it comes to healing yourself. You are aware of your limitations, of your triggers and know what it is you’re aiming for, you just need someone to help you trasmute the change and implement new behaviours to sustain the change. 

You’ve hit targets before but haven’t been able to sustain them. Regardless of how quickly you are growing, the strategies you are putting in place and the processes you are implementing, you keep being knocked back by your income ceiling and cannot create growth that is consistent. 

The strategies you’ve implemented in the past haven’t stuck and you’re not sure what information to trust. Other mentors have given you strategies to implement that just didn’t suit you, your way of working or your business and you’re ready for someone to connect to the unique expression of your soul and provide you with aligned strategies. 

there is more to it

Everything you have be doing has been right...

Don’t ever feel like you’ve been doing it wrong, it’s just been misaligned at some level. There’s so much more to breaking an income ceiling than just your business strategy.

Wealth Recalibration is designed to heal you on all levels; physical, spiritual and mental. We take a look at your Financial Archetypes, clear your chakras, remove any debris that has remained and heal your beliefs and unconscious blueprints surrounding money and change your behaviours.

During this process you are ascending on a visceral level, and once we are done everything becomes aligned; you will be able to move forward with the confidence of knowing how to translate the language of your soul for future business and financial decisions. 

allow the potential

Join this space ELEVATING your gifts

Your Financial Archetypes will give us the foundation of what needs to be managed in order to sustain the next income bracket you’ve been aiming for.

As you begin to heal and shift your blueprints and beliefs while also cleansing your chakras you’re going to see your finances in a new light and will be able to apply the strategies we develop for you.

Using my own personally developed modalities and knowledge in Financial Archetypes we will be able to increase your income potential.

Everything is available to you.

Your life before Wealth Recalibration:

Your life after Wealth Recalibration:


Wealth Recalibration

Throughout my career I have helped businesses reach multiple 6+ & 7 figure incomes and I am now unifying those skills with my spiritual gifts and intuition to fully support your ascension.

The shifts that occur within you will leave you forever changed.

The wealth REcalibration

What You'll Experience

Over the course of this upgrade you will gain access to The Wealth Recalibration Mini Course to prepare you for the upgrade and learn the fundamentals of this process. Once completed you will then receive one 90min 1:1 session with me where we will navigate through your triggers/blocks, clear your Chakras and take an in depth look at your business and financial behaviours.

This session is then followed up with two 30min 1:1 integration sessions to suppport you through embodying the changes as life throws you the tests. 

As an entrepreneur who is aware of how your healing has shifted you, we will be able to skyrocket your growth by deeply connecting to your vision and projecting that into your physical reality.

Alongside this projection, we will also be healing inner wounds and becoming crystal clear on your mission and how you’re going to be able to impact the world while reaching your income goals.


Wealth Recalibration

This completely immersive healing transition will allow you to connect with yourself at a deeper level, while also achieving complete clarity when it comes to your income goals and strategies. 


Hear from Abbey's clients


– Jessica Leigh Ward


– Laura Jones

Is This Upgrade For Me?

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How it works

Here’s what happens when you book

sign up

Enrol to the Mini Course to learn the fundamentals to creating transformation and lasting change in your finances.


Schedule your initial 90 Minute session with Abbey and prepare to shift into an entirely new level of wealth consciousness.

level up

Schedule your integration sessions to review the strategies that Abbey has shared with you to see the shifts in your physical reality alchemise.

Meet Your GUIDE

Hello, I'm Abbey

Crafting soul aligned businesses and helping you financially flourish is Abbey’s untapped skillset. When it comes to creating profound shifts within the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of finances and running a business, Abbey shares logical processes to follow while also providing a holistic and heart centered approach to all practices.

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