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Abbey Rose presents Wealth Wisdom

An 8-Week Spiritual Journey to Financial Empowerment

Enrollments Open for April 9 2024

The Path to Financial Mastery & Purpose Driven Wealth


beginning 9 april 2024

Dear Aspiring Visionary,

Once, the thought of melding soul purpose with business success seemed like a distant dream to me. I knew I was meant for more than the grind and struggle that defined my early career, despite my accounting success and the wealth I helped others build. The real challenge? Aligning my energy, managing emotions, and uncovering my soul’s gifts to navigate business waters with clarity and abundance.

That’s when my journey transformed. I tapped into my Cosmic Currency, aligning decisions with my authentic essence and legacy. Wealth Wisdom is born from this transformation — a program designed to help you align with your soul's mission, manage wealth effortlessly, and step into your legacy with confidence.

This program isn't just about financial success; it's about embodying the wealth and purpose meant for you. Join me in Wealth Wisdom to unlock the empowered, abundant life you’re destined for. Let's embark on this journey together.

With heartfelt encouragement and anticipation,

Abbey Rose xo

Welcome to creating an impact where you

Every week will be filled with insightful lessons, spiritual exercises, and transformative experiences that resonate with your unique financial path, building a business that’s in
direct connection with the universe.

what is cosmic currency

Understanding Cosmic Currency & Elevating Humanity Through Universal Source Energy

Universal Alignment

Cosmic Currency taps into universal laws and principles aligned with the universe's light, recognising human energy as the planet's most valuable resource.

Action in Faith and Honor

Acting from these laws in faith and honor, without limitation or fear, means using our energy for planetary good, transforming our actions into a force for positive change.

The Value Exchange

The exchange of Cosmic Currency revolves around how we use our energy, the impact of our actions, and the value we receive in return for our contributions.

Shifting Consciousness

It signifies a shift into a God-consciousness that aims to elevate humanity's vibration, influencing transformative shifts in business and life practices.

Program Outline

Week 1

Setting the Container

Set intentions and goals tailored to your personal journey.

Prepare for the transformation ahead, aligning your energy for success.

Week 2

Soul Alignment

Understand the language of your soul.

Connect to your mission and your purpose.

Lay the foundation for a profitable business that aligns with your soul.

Week 3

Crafting Your Legacy

Embrace your potential and legacy.

Align with infinite possibilities in your financial journey.

Week 4

Transform Your Behavior

Explore 7 steps of transformation.

Discover "Truth or Trigger" and how to "Disconnect to Connect" with your financial self.

Week 5

Wealth Recalibration

Immerse in the 7 laws of the universe

Pick a block and recalibrate your financial energy.

Week 6

Conscious Cashflow System

Inplement a Cash Flow Strategy & Conscious Reporting.

Manage money in a way that fits for you.

Week 7

Exit the Matrix

Learn the Truth about our Financial Economy

Dive into details about Sole Trader, Pty, and how to exit the matrix.

Week 8

Your Wealth Journey

Additional Support and More Learning suited to the current journey

Integration and Wrap up




Enroll at any time and gain immediate access to the transformative Wealth Wisdom lesson content.

Comprehensive Content Access to 3 Courses

~ Wealth Wisdom Course ~

8 Week Spiritual, Emotional and Physical Wealth Course Valued at $880

~ Conscious Cashflow System Mini Course ~

Cashflow Strategy System for Money Management Valued at $197

~ SoulStreams Mini Course ~

Soul Characteristic Profiling to Create a Revenue Stream. Valued at $197

~ Bonus Extra - Wealth Attunement Series ~

3 Part Hypnosis Series to Align You to Abundance Valued at $88

Flexibility and Freedom

Progress through the material at your own pace, fitting the learning into your schedule seamlessly and effectively.




Everything included in Option 1 Plus:

8 weeks of Coaching Support with Abbey Rose

Join Abbey for live, interactive sessions where you can ask questions, gain insights, and connect with the community. Calls are scheduled weekly on Tuesdays at 11 AM via Zoom.

Access to Replays

Can't make a live call? No problem. You'll have access to the replays, ensuring you never miss out on the wisdom and guidance shared.

Private Facebook Group

Stay connected and supported by joining a private Facebook Group exclusively for retreat participants.



Prepare for the transformation ahead, aligning your energy for success.

Get practical insights, support, and guidance tailored to your unique path.

This is a sacred, self-paced journey with Abbey Rose that will lead you to a new world of financial empowerment, spiritual growth, and purposeful living.

Each week offers interactive Q&A sessions with Abbey Rose to deepen your understanding and connection to your wealth wisdom.

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