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Are You Ready to claim Sovereignty Over Your Finances?

Wealth Wisdom is a deep journey into your money management and financial wellbeing. Over the course of our time together I will be educating you on how to create, mange and protect your wealth. 

I have been working in business and finance for my entire adult life, have grown multi-six figure businesses, received accounting degrees and have watched my own business expand from being completely overwhelmed in debt, to recurring multiple 5 figure months. 

Everything that I am teaching you in this program has been learnt, landed and EMBODIED.

Does this sound like you?

You’re ready to take your business to the next level with an expert that you can trust. The time is now. No cookie cutter, one size fits all initiatives. You’re ready for the life altering strategies. 

You’re ready to get clear on what your point of difference is and how to nail your business vision. You know that in order to grow, you need strategies that align to you as a person.

You know that money mindset and wealth frequency is extremely important. You’re ready for the upgrades to help you harness the blueprint for your wealth.

You know there are resources out there that could amplify your success. You’re ready to access my specific knowledge that will shift your mindset and fast track your results.

You're not alone

You’re reading this message because...

You are ready to take control and ownership of your success and your wealth.

This is it. This is YOUR business. We channel your vision and purpose and I give you the strategy to make it happen.

These strategies, processes and skills that I transfer to you are designed to help you garner results once you implement them.

My intention for this program is to initiate you into the highest version of your greatest potential as you scale your business. 

I will guide you into integrating your feminine and masculine aspects to bring balance and harmony in your business. Giving you the freedom and flexibility to allow your creativity to flow and expand as your business grows.

Imagine the Possibility

Wealth is your birthright!

Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve achieved the ultimate success and wealth that you deserve.

Not every business is the same, so everyone’s results will vary, but be assured that you will, at a minimum receive:

Connect to your mission and purpose 

Lay the foundations for a profitable business

Learn how to manage money in a way that fits for you

Understand the concepts to changing your behaviour with money 

Improve your relationship with money 

Learn about the Private Space and how to exit the matrix


Life before Wealth Wisdom:

Life after Wealth Wisdom:


Wealth Wisdom

Wealth Wisdom is a comprehensive, spiritually, mentally and physically up-levelling program for entrepreneurs who are looking to create, manage and protect their wealth. 

The Program Outline

What You'll Learn

Wealth Wisdom is like no other program you’ve experienced before. You’ll be guided through a personally designed process that will turn your passion into profit and help you set up the solid foundations in the beginning to scale your business successfully.


Wealth Wisdom

Wealth Wisdom is designed specifically to promote growth within yourself and your business. Alongside the strategies, Abbey nurtures you as you push through emotional thresholds and break ceilings of income potential. 


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– Briana Bowley


– Corinne Kisbee


– Laura Jones

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Hello, I'm Abbey

Crafting soul aligned businesses and helping you financially flourish is Abbey’s untapped skillset. When it comes to creating profound shifts within the physical, spiritual and mental aspects of finances and running a business, Abbey shares logical processes to follow while also providing a holistic and heart centered approach to all practices.