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Now is the Time to Claim Sovereignty Over Your Finances!

Are you ready to gain control over your finances, remove money blocks and open your energetic containers to receive and hold more income? Wealth Wisdom is an infinitely deep 8-week online self paced program that takes you through the different levels of money management and financial wellbeing. Allow me to educate you on how to create, manage and protect your wealth, both energetically and physically.

Business and finance is my passion, and helping people confidently take control of their finances as they learn how the public and private sector works is my mission. I have been working in business and finance my entire adult life, have grown multi-six figure businesses and have expanded my own business from overwhelming debt to recurring, multiple 5-figure months.

Everything I teach you throughout the duration of this program has been learnt, landed and EMBODIED.

Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve got a big mission in your heart and your soul has been nudging you for months, or even years to step into it. Wealth Wisdom’s 8-week program guides you through the process of stepping into your soul’s purpose with a unique wealth and financial strategy that will help you grow and maintain your income. 

You are scared of looking at your figures, bury your head in the sand, and never seem to get ahead of the game. There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of when it comes to your finances. Any fear you have felt about being punished for how you have previously managed your income is now a thing of the past.

You’ve been sitting on the sidelines because you don’t know where to start when it comes to finances and are easily overwhelmed by it. Being fully supported when growing your business and expanding your financial containers is imperative, which is why Wealth Wisdom is a fully comprehensive, nurturing program is designed to suit your unique needs and growth strategies.

You want to learn how to claim ACTUAL sovereignty as your birthright. Growing and managing your finances is just the tip of the iceberg. Wealth Wisdom offers information about private sector growth to those who are ready and excited to step into their true birthright.


You’re reading this message because...

You know that now is the time to take full control and ownership of your success and wealth.

Your soul’s divine mission and true birthright are ready to be acknowledged and it is time for you to step into the new, wealthy person you are destined to be. 

With my guidance and strategies, I will support and nurture you through simplified processes on how to manage income and maintain foundational energetic containers.

The intention behind Wealth Wisdom is to create a bridge between the public and private sector for those who are ready to step into their wealth, but not quite ready to take the leap into financial sovereignty. 

I will guide you into integrating all my knowledge and skills around creating, managing and protecting money, mentally, physically and energetically. 


Wealth Wisdom

Wealth Wisdom is a spiritually, mentally and physically comprehensive program designed for entrepreneurs looking to connect to their divine mission and purpose, lay the foundation for a profitable business and how to work the private sector while learning what the private sector can do for you.

The Program Outline

How You Will Benefit

Wealth Wisdom will help you discover how to manage your money in a way that best works for you, how to understand the concepts to changing your behaviour surrounding money and improve your physical and energetic relationship with money, while also learning how to work the private sector to your advantage and what we mean when we talk about ‘exiting the matrix’.

Life before Wealth Wisdom:

Life after Wealth Wisdom:


Wealth Wisdom

Wealth Wisdom is designed to create a bridge between the public and private sector journey for those who are looking to expand their legacy and wealth with unique strategies designed to suit your unique needs.

Is this program for me?

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Hello, I'm Abbey

Helping you financially flourish and crafting soul-aligned strategies for mission led businesses is Abbey’s untapped skillset.

Creating profound shifts mentally, spiritually and physically in the financial and business realm is Abbey’s specialty, and she has mastered the art of entwining both a logical and nourishing approach to best suit your unique needs, giving you the space to focus on what you truly love.

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