How to Cum Home to Yourself

By Abbey Rose

Cuming Home to Yourself

This is going to get a little weird. But stay with me. Its good.


My entire life I have had beliefs and values around relationships and sex. So what happens when all the things you thought you knew, and believed was tipped out of the bucket. It’s scary right. Haha wrong! This is the best feeling I have ever had in my entire life. Nothing binds me up inside and I move freely and effortlessly through life’s little challenges that, actually, aren’t even challenges to me. In the past, men have been a HUGE challenge… and I have completely rewritten my scripts and the results…. endless happiness and love. Did I mention to you that I am going through a divorce? I’ve been separated not even 3 months. Even faced with severe relationship issues, my nearest and dearest have made comments… How is this not affecting you? My answer… its just not… and here is why…


Men and women are different! We all know this, and we accept it but we never actually act like we accept it. I see so many women in complete struggle with their relationships, their partners aren’t paying enough attention, completing enough tasks or showing enough intimacy. So I beg to ask the question. Why? Sure, you can read all the books on men and women as you want but what is really happening here is an underlying belief system that each woman has been personally brought up with. Each system completely unique to another. Divorce rates are through the roof, couples aren’t communicating and resort to counselling that, lets face it, just doesn’t work.


So, once all my beliefs were stripped (pardon the pun) I me I was left wondering. What IS the meaning of relationships and sex. Who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Some have monogamous relationships, others are polygamous, heterosexual, homosexual or some are even pansexual… the options are endless. And what is it that YOU DESIRE? How can you have a fulfilling partnership?


Then, my guides led me to this beauty – and of all places – it was in a porn movie…

Let me get one thing straight here… this is the first time I watched a porn movie in well and truly over a decade.

For there to be real love between two people, there has to be a spiritual relationship. A physical relationship without a spiritual one is like a body with no soul. Women have a beautiful spirit. Women have divine femininity. Women have the feminine energy that men do not. Masculine energy needs the feminine one for completion. That is why there is more about a spiritual connection, then a physical one. 

Over the last few weeks I have been channelling my femininity at the unconscious level. I didn’t realise I was doing it until I looked in the mirror and someone who always had a mum bun, never did her nails or constantly dressed in unflattering tracks and tees saw herself. There I am, standing there, in all my grace with long blonde curly locks, beautifully manicured nails, a tan you can envy and even wearing a dress.I wasn’t going anywhere – its a normal Wednesday afternoon. And the clincher… no makeup on.


So, I looked in the mirror and gave myself the biggest smile. I am beautiful. I am feminine. I love me.


So back to the porno…


If you want the man/woman of your dreams, the relationship to last your lifetime, to be completely swept off your feet and treated like the queen your are then lets try something out here. Connect more with yourself, more with your femininity and love who you are inside and out. Be confident, exude femininity and attract the masculine to your feminine. Connect to your energy and you will start to see how others then connect with you along the way.  Connection on a physical level and a spiritual one. Now who doesn’t want that right?


I’m not saying you need to go out and get your hair and nails done, or go buy new clothes. All that is the material stuff for femininity. What I’m saying is that if you connect with your femininity on a deeper level, on the inside through the tools and systems I have used for myself then your femininity will naturally blossom. Its on the subconscious level, you don’t even know you are doing it until… one day… everything just feels perfect.


If all you give is love, then all you will get is love. It is that simple.

And then, just for fun – go watch a porn haha

Abbey Rose xo