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What Pro Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

What Pro Entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and tenacity to make it as your own boss. But what do pro entrepreneurs know that sets them apart from the rest? Today I share some of these secrets! Buckle up – this is going to be good!

Spending money 


Entrepreneurs are typically risk takers eager to do something with their money. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean they spend money on things that might not be aligned with their business purpose. I’ve come across many female entrepreneurs who often spend because they feel empty on the inside. They tend to think buying things will make them feel better and more whole inside. Pro entrepreneurs ensure they are already whole and happy with themselves and avoid spending for reasons not aligned with their purpose.


Here are some guidelines that you can use when deciding if you should spend money or not:


  • Make sure that the deal is reasonable and that the benefits of the purchase outweigh the risks
  • Look at the numbers and count the cost. This includes how much money you have made and how much money you have saved. 
  • Consider the impact this purchase will have on you now and in the future.
  • Ask yourself what you are hoping to achieve from having this purchase. How will it benefit you? Does it align with your business purpose?


Growing smartly

Initially, it is common for entrepreneurs to do all the business-related tasks themselves. But when they earn enough money, they outsource the tasks they are not so skilled at and the tasks they prefer not to do. It’s okay not to be good at everything! This is why pro entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses early on and bring others on board if necessary. Even though this leads to increased expenses and responsibilities, they know it is better for them to work on the business than in the business and frees up their time to create wealth. Knowing the importance of hiring the right staff, they choose people who embody their business’s core values and have the skills they lack.


Dealing with criticism


Pro entrepreneurs learn to value feedback early on. They understand it is an irreplaceable source of information that is essential for their business to grow. When they get negative feedback, they understand it doesn’t mean that they’re doing something wrong or that there’s a problem with the client. It often means they need to make small changes based on the feedback. 


Using feedback, they create a better product or service that everyone will be happy with. And even though negative feedback is not pleasant, they understand the need for confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth to handle criticism. They train themselves to be able to receive feedback if they do not know how to deal with it.


If you find it hard to deal with compliments and criticism, you can try this:


  • Train yourself to give compliments to other people. When you give heartfelt compliments, they will usually mirror that by giving you genuine praise in return. This allows you to practice receiving compliments and respond appropriately 
  • You can also practice getting and giving constructive feedback, knowing that constructive criticism from a heart-centred and heartfelt place is valuable and helps you grow


Changing behaviours


As their business grows, pro entrepreneurs often need to make substantial changes. When they struggle to make these changes, they take small manageable steps to facilitate the change. 


Here is an example of how this works that I often share with my clients:


  • When struggling to find the steps you need to take to make the change, think about the opposite side of the behaviour. 
  • Suppose there is something that you hate but cannot get yourself to change your behaviour. Then instead of being frustrated, think about the opposite side of the behaviour to find the next step.
  • In this case, the opposite of hate is love. How would you slowly shift your behaviour from hate to love? 
  • Ask yourself what is better than hate, even though it is not love yet. What next thing is a bit less than hate and closer to love? 
  • It could be resentment, but as long as it’s not hatred, we are still a tiny step closer to love. 
  • Then you can slowly go through more steps until you get to the opposite side. 


This works like a charm every time!


Becoming unstuck


Some people will start changing their behaviour but get stuck in a loop. Almost as if they get stuck in the cycles of their healing and can’t crack the pattern that keeps showing up. Pro entrepreneurs do not let this discourage them but remain willing even when things get messy. They keep doing the work it takes to become unstuck because they want to know what is on the other side of it. Spiritual forces often help them achieve their goals, seemingly because they are aligned with their destiny.


Celebrating wins


You must have heard the saying that it is about the journey, not the destination! And this holds true for entrepreneurship. You cannot speed up the journey or the lessons you need to learn on the way. And unfortunately, someone else can’t learn them for you either. You will find even if you try to speed up the journey and it’s not intended to be faster, spiritual forces often intervene that put you back on track. Exactly where you’re meant to be!


Pro entrepreneurs learn to honour the time and the lessons. And celebrate when they achieve something great or an important milestone in their business. They take the time to celebrate and reward themselves and don’t just rush past it and move to the next accomplishment.  They have learnt that the act of showing the universe gratitude compels them to achieve more. 


I am so glad I got to share this with you today! Trust me; I know first-hand what it is like to hit rock bottom and change my financial behaviour. I went from being completely broke, destitute, and bankrupt. On top of that, I was a new Mom. I looked around and found that there was no one there to help me. 


This caused me to shift my behaviour with money, self-worth, and confidence. That’s been the foundation of creating a successful business, aligning to my soul purpose, listening to my intuition, and having unwavering confidence. And the result was that I became a millionaire! 


That is why I shared ‘What pro entrepreneurs Know That You Don’t’ because I want the same for you! I want you to align with your soul purpose and serve the people who are waiting for your genius to find them.


If you need help in becoming the pro entrepreneur you dream of being. Contact me here, and I will tell you how I can help you create, manage & protect your wealth.


Money is Simply Energy
- Abbey Rose

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