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Abbey Rose

It’s no secret that every business shifted last year. And whether it was for better or for worse, it’s time to prepare yourself for epic expansion.
Now is the time to take a good look at yourself and your business and re-center your goals and show them that you are someone who is ready to blow them out of the water!
I’ve created this 5 Day Business Expansion to support you both physically and spiritually through your business growth, while also providing you with the tools and behavioural shifts that will take your business to the next level.
The results that you can expect to achieve after this 5 Day Business Expansion are, but aren’t limited to:
Gaining a deeper understanding of what you need to do to set your business up for maximum return.
Learning the 4 Zones of Potential and how to utilise them to create a business model that builds lasting and sustainable wealth.
Discovering Cosmic Currency and learning how to manage your finances holistically.
Extracting your soul’s unique expression and landing that into your brand.
Structuring your time efficiently by looking at the masculine and feminine aspects of your behaviour.
Learning about intuitive sales and how your business financial archetype could be blocking you.

Program Outline

Vision, Mission & Foundations 
On Day 1 we will be covering a gentle introduction on how to discover your soul’s mission, vision and what needs to happen in order to translate that mission into your business. You will be also learning the fundamentals of setting up your business and how to hit the ground running from day dot.
Day 1 is about truly understanding your soul’s needs and turning them into something tangible. So make sure you’re ready to truly tune into your body.
Business Models for Sustainability.
On Day 2 we will be learning about the 4 Zones of Potential that we need to be aware of while creating a profitable business. We will be focusing on Freedom and creating your legacy. 
While this may sound daunting to some, don’t worry. Remember, we’re tuning in and being guided by your soul’s true purpose and mission. All we’re doing is aligning that to your business in order to help you create a life of true time and financial freedom.
Cosmic Currency.
On Day 3 we will be learning about the laws of Cosmic Currency, and how this universal principle is the most important aspect of running your business in this day and age.
When people think about currency, they immediately refer back to money. But when you learn about Cosmic Currency, you will begin to understand that money, while necessary, is actually one of the least fulfilling forms of Cosmic Currency you will receive.
Branding Your Souls Unique Expression.
On Day 4 we will be learning about why your branding is so important when you’re working from a completely soul led business, and how to turn your soul’s message into a brand that will speak to your ideal clients. When your branding emits an aligned frequency, the right people are magnetically drawn to you.
Sales & Business Financial Archetypes.
On Day 5 we will be covering how selling makes you feel, and how that unconscious blueprint can be physically affecting your business. And we will also be covering the 8 Business Financial Archetypes, what you individual Archetype is, and how this affects the way you sell and receive money.

Get Onboard

After these 5 day, you will be able to see your business shift beyond your wildest dreams, and I am so excited to showcase exactly how your business will expand when you apply these skills. Make sure that you share your results with me so I can showcase your success with our communities!
And if you haven’t already, make sure you sign up using the link provided to secure your spot!